Our People

The Priory Clinic was founded in 1993 and is maintained by staff who are dedicated to providing the best hands on treatments avaiilable. Our therapists combine many years of medical training with individual specialist skills. You will find them to be caring and sensitive in their approach and expert in their treatment and advice. They work within the Clinic as a team to make ensure that you receive the best possible care and that your problem is resolved as speedily as possible.

Our Therapists

Joe Kirwan

Physical Therapist: Joe Kirwan

I have had a strong interest in all sports from an early age particulary in boxing, hurling, running and in recent years triathlons.  Having picked up numerous injuries over the years I became interested in learning more about what might be contributing to these injuries and what would be the most effective way of managing and rehabilitating them and preventing any recurrence.  This eventually led me to study at the Institute of Physical Therapy and then into a career as a Physical Therapist which I thoroughly enjoy.  Since I graduated I have treated patients of all ages from all walks of life from the high performance athlete to the elderly and those with occupational and postural related conditions.  I base my treatments on the latest evidence-based research, and I incorporate therapies such as Dry Needling into a mainly hands-on approach to treating various ailments and conditions.

Mary Burns

Physical Therapy: Mary Burns

Mary has been practising at the Priory Clinic for over four years now.  She is also a tutor with the Institute of Physical Therapy and Supervisor at the Student Clinic.  “As a physical therapist I have the ability to touch many lives in a profound and positive way and to teach others to do the same”.  Mary’s treatments include soft tissue work, joint mobilisation and myofascial release techniques.

Our Staff

Dejan Novacic

Administrator: Dejan Novacic

Dejan acts as administrator for The Priory Clinic and IPTAS (the Institute of Physical Therapy and Applied Science). On most days you will find Dejan in the back room, tinkering with the computer network.

John O’Sullivan

Business Director: John O’Sullivan

John writes: "I think discovering my chronic back pain might be the best thing that ever happened me! My first episode was about 35 years ago and served as my introduction to healthcare. Through it I met my wife and found a career where I feel I belong and can make a difference. These days, I joke that I have the “most treated” back in physical therapy history. I was involved in developing the practise in the early 80’s and in opening The Priory Clinic. I feel I am lucky to work with an exceptional team of therapists who always give priority to their patients.  The big reason Priory Clinic patients return is because of the standard of care they find here - and returning patients have built our reputation. When you work as part of a Team, you really have a chance to get to know your colleagues and I can recommend any one of them with absolute confidence. I should know; I have attended them all myself! I love long-distance cycling and find I can train a lot harder as well as manage my back pain with treatment. Because I too am an end-user of the Clinic’s services, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how we could make the experience here even better.  So please let me know - email me here."

Anne Mangan

Clinic Director: Anne Mangan

Anne first qualified as a Nurse and Midwife, before moving to New York to study Medical Massage Therapy. She became passionate about the benefits of "hands on" therapy and returned to Ireland to establish her practise. Anne then studied Osteopathy in the UK and was awarded a Masters in Clinical Education from the University of New South Wales. Today, Anne divides her time between maintaining the practice at The Priory Clinic and with developing the B.Sc. curriculum at the Institute of Physical Therapy (IPTAS) where she is Programme Director. Anne writes: “Our practise encompasses an eclectic, caring and compassionate group of therapists. I think our clients are tremendously loyal to us and appreciate that we have remained loyal to our core values of hands-on excellence. The patient always comes first”.


We offer private, individual treatment rooms finished to a high standard and suitable for a wide variety of therapies. Click here for details and call us at 01 2835566.

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