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Skier’s Thumb

This painful condition is caused by over-stretching the thumb. As the thumb is forced backwards toward the wrist, the ligament over-stretches and causes pain. Ligament connects bone to bone and keeps joints stable. If it is over stretched the joint becomes loose. The repair to a damaged ligament is always slow because of poor blood supply to the area. Other tissue like scar tissue grows much more quickly and your body will use this to replace the damaged part of the ligament. Scar tissue is not nearly as efficient as the original ligament. Without effective therapy the thumb may never fully recover.

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Ligament Sprain

Ligament connects bone to bone and keeps a joint steady. The 3 bones of the knee are held together by 4 main ligaments, 2 of which run inside, from top to bottom diagonally and cross each other. Since they cross, they are referred to as cruciate (or crossing) ligaments. The other 2 ligaments are located, one at either side of the joint. A healthy knee is an extremely strong and stable joint, due almost entirely to the holding power of these 4 ligaments. They have half the holding power of steel and are tremendously flexible.

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