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Dislocated Finger

This a common minor injury, frequent in contact sports like football, rugby and basketball. If your hand is caught awkwardly in a tackle, or struck by a ball your finger may slip slightly out of alignment on contact. Usually this happens at the joint above the knuckle. It will be very sore and you will be unable to bend it properly. The amount of swelling will be small depending on how recently it has happened and in the early stages bruising will not be seen.

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Trigger Finger

Tendons attach muscle to bone and are the focus for the “pull” of the muscle. Some are encased in sheaths that are naturally lubricated so that they slide easily when you use your muscles. In Trigger finger there is a malfunction of the lubricating system between the tendons and their sheath in the affected finger or thumb, causing them to “grate” and they then become irritated and inflamed. The sheath then becomes thickened and the tendons can no longer glide smoothly. This will sometimes cause the finger to click as you bend or straighten it. This is an over-use injury caused by repetitively using the thumb when it is under too much stress.

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Dupuytren’s Contracture

Connective Tissue is the name given to the substance that holds you together and gives your body its unique shape. It encloses your muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and other organs. This fibrous tissue forms a web under your skin protecting and supporting your hand. In order for your hand to work at its best, all these structures need to be in perfect condition. In Dupuytren’s Contracture the fibrous tissue starts to thicken, and the skin and tendons begin to stick to each other so you can no longer open and close your fingers properly. Then it begins to contract, shortening the tendons and preventing your fingers from opening fully. Gradually you lose all movement in the fourth and fifth fingers and they become permanently closed. You will also notice a lump in your palm near the affected fingers that slowly develops into a cord-like band.

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Mallet Finger

This injury happens when a hard blow to your finger tears the tendon away from the bone. Sometimes a small fragment of the bone will break off too. This means that you will not be able to straighten the finger joint nearest your nail without using your other hand. The joint will straighten if you use your other hand but not on its own. Unless the injury is treated properly, it will remain permanently bent and could be prone to arthritis in later life.

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