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Ulnar Neuritis

Symptoms Checklist:

  • You have a tingling, burning sensation or numbness in the ring and little finger
  • The condition came on suddenly (after a blow to the elbow)
  • You have pain going up your arm
  • You may have muscle weakness in your hand (you drop things)

Ulnar Neuritis

Your nerves bring the information from your brain to your muscles that tells them when you want them to move. This information is brought to the outside of the hand (little finger side)  via the ulnar nerve.  It travels under your elbow to the ring and little finger and is sometimes called the “funny bone”. Too much pressure on this nerve over a time can damage it causing numbness, a burning feeling and a tingling sensation in the hand and fingers.  It can also be damaged by a blow to the elbow, the point on the body where it is nearest the surface and easiest to hurt.  It is important to stop doing the activity that has caused the problem and to attend your Therapist.  If the nerve damage continues, the muscles of the hand supplied by the nerve will waste and you will find “wringing” type movement difficult and painful.

Physical Therapy/Osteopathy and Ulnar Neuritis

As with all over-use injuries, the first thing is to identify the cause and stop the activity.  You can also get arm pads that will ease the pressure or cushion the blows to the nerve allowing it the space to get better. 

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