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Symptoms Checklist:

  • The pain came on gradually
  • You have pain on moving your wrist and finger joints
  • You have swelling at the back of the wrist and fingers
  • You can hear or feel a grating sound as you move the joints


Tendons attach muscle to bone and are the focus for the “pull” of the muscle.  They are encased in sheaths that are naturally lubricated so that they slide easily when you use your muscles.  In Tenosynovitis there is a malfunction of the lubricating system between the tendons and their sheath in the affected joints, causing them to “grate” and they then become irritated and inflamed.  The sheath then becomes thickened and the tendons can no longer glide smoothly.  This will sometimes cause the finger to click as you bend or straighten it.  This is an over-use injury caused by repetitively using the fingers when they are under too much stress.  It may also be caused by infection.  It is a common condition among typists.

Physical Therapy/Osteopathy and Tenosynovitis

As with all other over-use injuries, the first thing to do is to identify what is causing the problem and to stop doing it.  If necessary, a splint can then be made that will protect the joints from these movements.  Your Therapist will advise on the use of ice to reduce the swelling and will gradually introduce gentle stretching techniques to ease the tightening of the tendon sheaths.  As the pain eases they will work more deeply on the tendons and their sheaths to break down adhesions in the area caused by the inflammation.  If you are prone to over-use injuries your therapist will discuss ways of avoiding this condition with you.

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