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Symptoms Checklist:

  • You have a raised temperature
  • You may have a headache
  • You may have a dry cough
  • You may have aches and pains all over
  • You may have a “stuffy” nose
  • You may have a sore throat
  • Your pain came on over a day or so
  • You may feel sick or have vomited
  • You may have diarrhoea


There are two kinds of infection, bacterial and viral.  They both spread primarily through the air or through contact with a carrier or an infected person.  Sharing contaminated food utensils or other things (like phones) is the main way of getting infected.  Many of these illnesses will result in muscular aches and pains and more specifically in back pain.  As the kidneys are located near the lower back an infection here is a common cause of back pain.

Treatment for Infection

Treatment for bacterial infection is often done through drugs and you should consult your Physician first.  Neither Physical Therapy nor Osteopathy are helpful in fighting the infection.

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