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Dislocated Finger

Symptoms Checklist:

  • The pain came on suddenly
  • It happened after a blow or sudden wrenching to the affected finger
  • The joint has begun to swell slightly or looks bruised
  • You are unable to bear any pressure on the affected finger
  • The second joint looks dislocated
  • The skin is not broken

Dislocated Finger

This a common minor injury, frequent in contact sports like football, rugby and basketball.  If your hand is caught awkwardly in a tackle, or struck by a ball your finger may slip slightly out of alignment on contact.  Usually this happens at the joint above the knuckle.  It will be very sore and you will be unable to bend it properly.  The amount of swelling will be small depending on how recently it has happened and in the early stages bruising will not be seen.

Physical Therapy/Osteopathy and Dislocated Finger

Once the Therapist has ruled out the possibility of a fracture they can manoeuvre the joint back to its original position.  The finger may need to be iced and depending on the severity, may need treatment to strengthen the ligaments.  The joints on the fingers are held together with ligaments. When they become over-stretched as in this case, they may need some deep massage work to return them to perfect health.  During rehab. The therapist will show you how to tape your finger to a supporting finger which will help protect it.

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