When Deals Go Sour

Last updated: September 2, 2011

When Deals Go Sour

Our CityDeals promotion expires on September 19th.  One feature of this type of deal is that we get paid only when our clients redeem the voucher – so we would love if we could contact all who still hold vouchers so they can get what they paid for.  Otherwise the opportunity will be lost – and both patient and Clinic become loser.

 Actually, we are trying to work out a way of looking after those who hold unredeemed vouchers who might have been away on holidays or just missed the deadline – just so that nobody gets disappointed.

 The whole promotion worked really well for us introducing us to a lot of new people who might never otherwise have called to see us or heard of our Clinic.

 And the day the deal was launched was the busiest day ever for traffic on our website – far exceeding the day when Susan Boyle (of X-Factor) checked into the ‘notorious’ Priory Clinic. 

 Most people coming to see us were looking for a Massage – or a Deep Tissue Massage for relaxation.  That’s the way the copy writers at CityDeals worded the offer.  If we had been allowed put our own case we would have emphasised how a proper assessment and treatment can help underlying problems.  Really, it doesn’t matter how much the mechanic polishes the bonnet, if the hood needs to be lifted and an in-depth assessment done, the engine won’t purr as it should until that happens. 

 While we are always happy to provide a good Massage where needed, sometimes we found that there might be an underlying problem that prompted that individual to visit in the first place.  Priory Clinic practitioners are primary care therapists qualified to assess and treat a broad range of conditions.  So we like nothing better than getting our teeth into a stubborn problem.  It doesn’t work for anyone when a niggly problem gets a glossing-over. No matter how well you gloss!

 Okay – we admit we might have met a few ‘deal-junkies’ on a carousel following the cheapest gigs in town.  But we also met a lot who were interested in getting the underlying cause identified and sorted out which is what we are best at.  We think these are the happiest; clients who don’t need to re-book.  The ones who do come back are always happy and those who need to come back for more and don’t – are the ones who benefit least. 

 They could well end up worse than they started and even lose their faith in the hands-on and holistic approach to recurring muscle/tendon/ligament problems.  Having a few treatments with the same therapist helps you build a rapport, allows them to figure out the techniques that work best for you and lets you give them the feedback they need to make your treatment-euros work as effectively as possible. 

 And of course – your happiness is our happiness.  So if you have been to see us, felt we made progress and would like to make more – do please call and see us again, real soon!

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Massage therapy is being used less and less in PT ciilncs for a number of reasons:1. Poor evidence for it’s efficacy2. For those who do need it, it’s usually incorperated into treatment for only a short amount of time3. Poor reimbursement from insurance companiesAnother consideration for you is that just because the facility sees over 100 patients a day, doesn’t mean you’ll have a full schedule.Although my focus is spinal care, I rarely recommend massage and when I do, I do as an option for the patient and they pay out of pocket for it.  In the last year, I’ve recommended massage for about four people.  The vast majority of patients do not need massage and in fact, I refrain from using it all cost because it foster’s dependency instead of teaching a patient to take an active role in their recovery. Our clinic sees 120 patients a day. Our MT, only comes in once a week for an afternoon and may have three clients at the most. He spends most of his time functioning as a tech. If you want to get a consistent paycheck, you may want to consider this.  Function as a tech and do clerical work when you don’t have clients and see your clients when they are recommended.

By Henrique at 01:48 on 26 September 2012

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