Kenny Egan - My Story

Last updated: December 7, 2011

Kenny Egan - My Story

Having read his autobiography, I now know things about Kenneth Egan, that I have never discussed with even my best friends. In fact, I imagine he will still feel a sting in January from the endless back-slapping he will enjoy from every passing male!

It is more than a little disappointing however, that if he fails to regain his Irish Senior title in January, the sordid exploits of his drunken nights, may be our lasting memories of Irelands Olympic Silver medallist.

The book gives a brutally honest account of the factors which lead to Egan's very public plummet to self-confessed alcoholism. Ironically, attention and media coverage played major roles. At many points during the book, I wondered why the need to divulge so much personal information.

On the other hand, as a boxing fan, I really enjoyed his insight to the development of Ireland's High Performance boxing unit. Kenneth credits much of his success at international level to the work of his coaches and support team at the National Stadium on Dublin's South Circular road. It is clear, the foundation has been set to ensure boxing will continue to be one of our most successful sports.

Like many top class athlete's, Egan describes the importance of preparation, both physically and mentally. He believes, discovering how to focus on the present and avoid all self- doubt, helped him unlock his true boxing ability.

There are plenty of familiar names to keep the pages turning. We learn how Padraig Harrington gave him advice over a friendly cup of tea, Michael Carruth invited himself into the Egan sitting room and how Serena William's backside could help out if there are no free bar tables.

There are several very sad points in this book, but by the end we are left with an uplifting sense of hope for his determination to stay away from alcohol and box in another Olympic games. For me personally, my perception of a boxing hero has been shattered.  This in itself taught me a very important lesson. From now on, I will not allow sporting success define a person. As Kenneth Egan makes clear, he never asked to be anyone’s hero.

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