A Lot Done - Some People Not Done Yet

Last updated: November 24, 2010

A Lot Done - Some People Not Done Yet

Lots of talk and print lately about the need for a Bad Bank and how the nation might benefit from it.  It seems all bankers, surely undeservedly, have got something of a bad name and as such no specific one is willing to step forward in a crisis.

Well, perhaps the time has come for yours truly to take up the challenge to head up a bad bank – and all for the common good of course. 

I would point to a record of involvement for a long number of years in the healthcare area.  This might be as good a preparation as any for employment within the financial sector. Not that such experience enhances any specific banking skills; indeed quite the contrary.  But my employers might see this as a feature in that I would be incapable of running a good bank – particularly under prevailing economic conditions.

No indeed.  My forte could be in issuing bad loans, identifying the risks good banks would never touch and paying over-the-top interest rates.  Surely this kind of industry would serve as a salutary lesson to all good banks as activities they would do well to avoid.  Deposits would be safe in that we could stay closed all hours.  From a security point of view, it would be low risk.  A closed bank would not attract the bad people.  We might also look at offering opportunities to unskilled people unable to gain employment elsewhere and thus cement a reputation. 

 On the down side, I can think of one skill that might help and that would be in area of ‘massaging’ the books.  I see my culinary counterparts might offer ‘cooking’ facilities to trump mine.

All in all then, it may be better to commit to the Clinic for the moment.

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