2nd Opinion

Last updated: August 18, 2010

2nd Opinion

So this is the blog.  Not that we are really into blogging or anything – in fact none of us have before. 

We’ve decided to call it 2nd Opinion because we thought Priory was a good place to come if you wanted a second opinion.  And because there will be more than one contributor, you should prepare for more than one point of view.

For the moment though we are re-launching our website.  It’s been around a long time and we thought we should brighten it up.  We are building a Wiki-style library on the site if people want to read up on how we see their problems.  We are also posting stretches that we will be suggesting for your rehabilitation. 

We are expecting some glitches too so you might have to bare (!) with us.

We are going to spruce up the Clinic itself and treatment rooms – gradually – in the next few weeks.  We don’t want to disturb things too much because they are pretty busy.  A few new therapists are joining us which is very exciting.  We are upgrading the software in the practise.  And PCK – Priory Clinic, Kimmage - is getting really busy.  Our family is bigger than ever.

We will be hoping to write here mostly about Clinic-y things.  But we want to try things out for you too and share experiences.  So the opinions will be personal but maybe not necessarily shared by the Clinic.  We would like to hear from you too, so send us some feedback.

One thing we have wanted to say for a while is about health history.  What we would like to see is that – with your agreement, your health details would always be available to your chosen health adviser.  Electronically, or digitally.  So, your GP could see your consultant’s notes and we could add ours to it.  That way everyone has had access to the most up-to-date information and tests when they meet you. It’d save your trying to recall dates and procedures you might be trying to forget, or the names of medicines you find hard to remember.  Of course you would only allow access to those you trust.  Nothing too original; just an idea – that might make a difference.

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