Second Opinion

9.  Building Up

Last updated: July 19, 2011

Friday 24th June – Friday 1st July:  I spent this week building up my run time to 40 minutes which to be honest was an absolute killer for a sprinter who never had to run over 15-20 minutes!!! My foot is holding up great and I am dying to start back doing some light sessions on the grass next week.  I have been thinking more about competing and have decided against racing in the National Seniors – there is no point risking re-injury because I put too much pressure on myself to get back training too hard when my foot is not ready.  Instead I am going to focus on some smaller competitions for enjoyment and work towards the indoor season 2012.

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8.  Great News!

Last updated: July 15, 2011

Friday 17th to Friday 24th June:  GREAT NEWS....I got the all clear from the orthopaedic surgeon to go back training.  I’m only allowed to jog on grass for the next two weeks but everyone has to start somewhere.  My first day back I did a 20 minute jog. I had a generalised sensation in my foot and my ankle felt stiff but no pain at all.  I ran every second day this week and did an hour on the crosstrainer or core as maintenance in between the runs.  I increased the run time by 2 minutes each day so I am now up to 26 minutes running with no difficulties.  The orthopaedic surgeon advised me against racing in any big competitions this year and I had been hoping all along to compete in the National Seniors in early August.  I can see I am going to have to get my thinking cap on about this one!

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7. Fingers Crossed

Last updated: June 21, 2011

7. Fingers Crossed

Friday June 10th to Thursday June 16th.  Motivation levels seemed to hit an all time low over the weekend as I was feeling a little down in the dumps due to the occasional sensation in my foot while walking around without the boot.  The orthopaedic surgeon had said that I could start walking around on it after 4 weeks but maybe I pushed it a little too far?! I hope not.  Sessions in the gym have gone fine as usual but I’m just dying to get back running at this stage.  I’ve been feeling down and somewhat stressed this week but I know myself its all apprehension ahead of my appointment with the specialist this morning.  I’ve assessed my foot myself and am completely pain free on all movements that previously aggravated it.  The end of one movement still causes a slight sensation of the 1st TMT joint but I wouldn’t even describe it as a discomfort; just an awareness.  I’m hoping to get the all clear to get back running today.  At least I could make an appearance at training tonight then I’m expecting to have to go for another MRI scan too to see if the stress fracture has actually healed.  If I can return training, I’ll have to take it easy and listen to my body, especially over the next 2 weeks.  Fingers crossed all goes well today....wish me luck!

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6. Progress!

Last updated: June 17, 2011

Friday June 3rd to Friday June 10th: Seeing as I was feeling a little on the tired side at the end of last week I thought it would be best to take the weekend off training and get back in to the swing of things again on Monday morning.  This turned out to be a very wise decision as my sessions were super, in particular for the first four days this week.  Seeing as I made my bike sessions more intense last week, I felt it best to squeeze in a low intensity day on the Wednesday to allow my legs some time to recover.  So instead of doing the bike, I did an hour steady state on the crosstrainer.  This also provided me with the opportunity to test the foot out to a certain extent as well....and the good news....I had no pain...DELIGHTED.  Again I felt more tired than usual at the end of the week and a little down in myself...not exactly sure why! Motivation for the gym has become lower as the weeks progress but once I go and get started on the session I feel all the better for it! Bring on next week!

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5. A Good Week

Last updated: June 16, 2011

Friday May 27th to Friday June 3rd.  YES....more than half way there now...I could not be happier!! This week was great – I felt positive, confident and really well in myself.  I stepped it up a notch with the bike sessions and changed my weights routine slightly so all in all this resulted in more satisfaction for me this week.  I was feeling more tired than usual at the end of the week but I reckon it’s from the increase in training intensity.  My foot felt fine this week too which was a big bonus! Things are starting to look up now thank God.

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